About me

I am a highly passionate children's non-fiction editor and writer...

And I get incredibly excited about making books for kids. I share their sense of wonder about nature, history, space, the human body, dinosaurs, science... the list goes on. I believe we need to make more diverse books that keep kids curious about the amazing world around them, and that help them look within.

I have worked in children's non-fiction for ten years, and over that time have been lucky enough to work on all kinds of formats on dozens of fascinating topics.

Alongside extensive project management, I have written picture books, young atlases and first fact books for children aged 3-5+ and am in the process of writing more. It's great!

I love coming up with new ideas as well as editing and proofreading, and am available on a freelance basis for all editorial stages of the book production process, including:

  • Concept and new title development

  • Editing/Proofreading/Writing

  • Artwork commissioning and picture research

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Curriculum Vitae

I joined Miles Kelly Publishing fresh from university in 2008, and have loved working in children's non-fiction ever since. I've been lucky enough to collaborate with dozens of incredibly creative individuals to make books on all kinds of topics, and am now very excited to be freelance!



Bear Grylls Editor/Editor
Weldon Owen (KRP)
Sept 2016 to Nov 2017

Senior Editor
Miles Kelly Publishing
Sept 2013 to July 2016

Miles Kelly Publishing
2011 to 2013

Assistant Editor
Miles Kelly Publishing
2009 to 2011

Editorial Assistant
Miles Kelly Publishing
2008 to 2009



2005-2008 University of Kent

BA English and American Literature

What children's non-fiction means to me...

To me, children's books are gateways to knowledge and their words are like spells. There's nothing quite like picking up a book for the first time and feeling that invisible burst of excitement for the wisdom that lies within its pages. This magic speaks of possibility and asks us to remember that there is always more to discover, more to understand and importantly, more fun to be had!

Kids are like hungry little information sponges, keen to learn and explore. Their wonderful sense of curiosity must be encouraged and kept alive as they grow and negotiate their way through school and into adult life. Non-fiction is important during this time as it motivates children to ask questions and relate to the wider world.

They need to get outside and explore nature, make those craft projects, stare at the night sky and contemplate what life was like when T-rex roamed the planet. Facts about ancient Egyptian goddesses, space missions to Mars or endangered snow leopards may seem like pieces of passing information, but they plant seeds of interest and encourage children to look at the past, present and future in a conscious way.

All life on Earth is connected, and books remind us of this by building relationships. When an adult reads to a child at bedtime, and they share the turning of the pages, they are creating a priceless moment in time between two people. There's beauty in getting the cover of a nature handbook slightly mucky as you trudge across a field to identify a tree species. And there's certainly humour in placing a sticker of a chicken on your Gran's forehead instead of on the pages of the farm scene that's meant to be filled in.  

Books place us in the here and now with a physical, mindful and connective experience. When they are carefully designed, imaginatively illustrated and beautifully produced, they subtly show children how much joy can be found in the simplest of places. This knowledge in itself is priceless and is why I love children's non-fiction so much.

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Thoughts, inspiration and ideas...


If you would like to get in contact, please email me at claire@clairephilip.com, or use this handy form.

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